Sani-Pass Systems

Entry and Exit Sanitising Gateways

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SANI-PASS SYSTEMS – Our Sani-Pass Systems which are affordable, modern and durable. The innovative systems cater to all essential health care and safety needs whenever and wherever needed.

Our goal is to:

1. To eliminate and prevent the spread by ridding it from society safely,
2. To help society learn to live side by side with COVID-19, whilst being safe, and
3. To help society understand COVID-19 is not going anywhere any time soon, however we have been afforded the opportunity to practically, conveniently and safely get you back to your optimal.

We have taken extra care to design a suitable, essential and customisable asset for South Africans nation wide to utilise at home, the office or school. Our Sani-Pass Systems have got you covered in all areas of your life and offer a viable healthy option which provides immediate relief to those who are currently experiencing challenges during the pandemic and require such urgent relief.

Our Sani-Pass Systems eliminate COVID-19 and have been approved by The World Health Organisation, it is 100% safe, environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic and are highly effective in combating COVID-19, hopefully in it’s entirety in the very near future.


  • Parcel Tunnel – 1m Wide x 1m High x 1m Long
  • Walk Trough Tunnel – 1.5m Wide x 2m High x 1.5m Long
  • Vehicle Tunnel – 3m Wide x 4m High x 3m Long


NOTE – Only exposed surfaces are treated by Sani-Pass Systems. Inside areas and packaged items should be treated separately and people should also be screened for symptoms while adhering to other social safety practices.

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