Sani-Pass Systems create obligatory passages for vehicles and are equipped with internal arc-shaped atomizing nozzles that saturate the intended target and allow for even dispersion. The control systems automatically mix our Sani-Pass Santitation Solution at percentages indicated in the users manual. Sani-Pass Systems are regulated by traffic lights and motion detection resulting in the intended outcome.


What is it?

• It kills harmful Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
• A surface disinfectant with no toxic chemicals
• A blend of natural salts and has a fresh odour
• Has an efficacy rate of LOG 6,25 in 30 sec, kills 99,999925% of all harmful pathogens, has an ORP in excess of 950mV and is stable in that region for 24hrs
• Is Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide Free



SANS1853:2017 (SABS regulatory body) COMPLIANT : Safety certification for disinfectants used in the food industry by National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) – Registration number: Act5GNR529/293389/140/1087



Certified on BS EN 1276:2009 – British Standard European Norm International compliance : European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Highest certification norm for independent scientific advice and accreditation for safe food chains - All raw materials are safe

Who Uses Our Disinfectant?

The complete Consumer Food Value-chain: Retail Grocery Outlets, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Outlets, Butcheries, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Cafes, Tuck Shops
Food & General Distribution Warehouses
Nurseries & Fresh Flower Markets
Meat Processing Facilities: Abattoirs
Packing Industry: Conveyor Belts, Crates, Storage Facilities
Shipping Industry: Airports, Couriers, Shipping & Transport Vehicles, Depots
Industrial Disinfecting: Public Rest-rooms, Sports Arenas, Shopping Malls
The whole Agricultural Sector|: Farms, Dairies, Hatcheries & Ranches
The whole Medical Sector: Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Dentists. ICU’s, Theatres, Wards
Veterinary Practices: Vet & Animal Retail Outlets, Animal Hospitals, Wildlife Sanctuaries
Pet Food & Animal Feed Manufacturing Facilities
Schools and Crèches


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